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CodeDay is an awesome Valentine’s Day date!

This season’s CodeDay happens to fall on February 14, and some people with significant others have been concerned about missing Valentine’s Day for CodeDay. It’s not actually a dichotomy: bringing an SO to CodeDay is a lot of fun!

Aside from the fact that “CodeDate” sounds cute, there are five seriously good reasons …


CodeDay Winter 2015

We’re really excited to partner with’s foundation,, by hosting CodeDay LA at’s brand new studio and office, the office.

I wish I had lots of photos to share of this awesome space, but I don’t. The only publicly released glimpses of this new studio are in this video:

It’s that new. No other events …


Help us build the future of StudentRND

“From my point of view… [at CodeDay] I was focused on the perspective of being a leader and showing the spirit that I was capable of.”

Stories like this one, from CodeDay attendee Rodrigo Argumedo, are why we’re building StudentRND.  

Research has shown friendship and social relationships formed through extracurricular enrichment programs — such as CodeDay — are key to youth …


StudentRND + Hacker Fund

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about how we can expand our community by working with other organizations in the technology education space.

Our goal as an organization is to help spread CS to as many students as possible, and by working with other organizations with similar goals, we can help us all achieve greatness — and expand …


CodeDay Results!

Thanks to all of you, CodeDay was an epic success yet again.

Over Veteran’s Day weekend, almost 2,000 students from over 20 cities across the United States gathered at a CodeDay near them with one simple goal: build something awesome.

Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been crunching the data gathered at CodeDays, and I thought I’d take a moment …


A glimpse at the future of StudentRND

Over the past few months, we’ve been looking at the many things our evangelists – the people actually running CodeDay on the ground in many of our cities; the ones making sure you’re learning new things and having fun – were doing independently of CodeDay to build up their local coding community and spread the CodeDay spirit.

What we realized …