Through our programs, students get interested in coding, and stay interested in coding.

Tens of thousands of students · 38 cities across the US

The strongest engagement with under-represented students.

Through years of experience and refinement, we've developed a model which is proven to get girls, minorities, and students of low socioeconomic status to get interested in coding, and stay interested in coding.

  • The most diverse tech programs.

    43% of our participants are girls, 38% are from Title I schools, and 21% are from a under-represented ethnic group.

  • Measurable changes in behavior.

    We target high school students with no prior interest or experience in coding. 80% of these students are still coding three months later.

  • Refined through years of experience.

    Since 2009, StudentRND has been improving our programs while scaling to almost 40 cities and supporting tens of thousands of students.

Programs that support students throughout their lives.

Writing the first line of code is only the start of a long journey for disadvantaged and under-represented students, which is why our programs create a life-long community to support students through school and into employment.