Coding shows students they can change the world.

StudentRND gets hesitant students to take the first step.

The strongest engagement with students who need it.

Through years of experience and refinement, we've developed a model which is proven to get girls, minorities, and students of low socioeconomic status to get interested in coding, and stay interested in coding.

  • The most diverse tech programs.

    43% of our participants are girls, 38% are from Title I schools, and 21% are from a under-represented ethnic group.

  • Low cost, high return.

    We inspire students with no prior interest in coding. After attending an event, 80% of these students are still pursuing coding three months later.

CodeDay: A proven program for getting students started.

Plenty of programs support students who want to learn to code, but most students aren't yet interested. Our flagship program, CodeDay, is focused on getting students to take the first step: trying out coding. Since 2009 we've convinced tens of thousands to do just that.

CodeDay targets students with no prior coding experience, and offers them an opportunity to code something which interests them individually, rather than a standard assignment.

At CodeDay, students pitch ideas for apps or games they want to see exist, then spend the next 24 hours creating them while learning more about code, with the help our of staff and mentors.

Showing students the creative side of code convinces most to pursue coding further.

Students regularly tell us CodeDay is one of the most meaningful things they've done. Over 80% of our attendees continue to code after attending; strengthening the local tech community and empowering low-income students and minority groups.

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