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We Are All Bad Programmers

In working with students over the past several years, it’s become very clear to me that people perceive their skills in two ways: terrible, or the best. 90% of people fall into the former.

For example, I have this conversation at least once a week:

Me: “You’re a very talented programmer.”
Them: “Nah, I’m actually really …


Starting a Company as a Student – Part 1: Getting Serious

Have you found The One? You know, the project you want to turn into a real product or business?

As a student who builds things, you’ll occasionally find an idea which you find particularly promising, and which you’re unusually passionate about. You may, after thinking about it for a few weeks, decide this is what you want …


What Does a Software Developer Do?

There’s an increasing number of ways for students to get hands-on coding experience. From short-term events like CodeDay, to longer-term commitments like internships, engineers down to middle school now have great flexibility in honing tech skills and having fun doing it.

Even at an internship, however, it’s hard to get the real experience of being a software …

How To

Making Better Games with Splunk

Note: if you’re at CodeDay, you should start downloading Splunk right off!

A large number of projects we see at CodeDays are video games. In some cities, in fact, they regularly so dominate the competition that we can’t give out a Best App prize.

Games are popular because they’re fun to make, but that doesn’t mean they’re inherently fun …


Space; Moving On

This week we made the decision to end the lease on the StudentRND workspace in Bellevue. This is one of the biggest and most difficult decisions we’ve made in our four years as an organization, but we believe it’s the right decision for the long-term success of StudentRND.

If you’ve been involved in StudentRND in any way over the last …