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It costs us $36 per participant to bring our events to cities like yours, and we fund that primarily through donations.

Donating helps ensure we're able to continue to bring our high-impact tech education to your community. Your donation is tax-deductible.

Your contribution helps students such as...

  • Naomi — Naiomi's experiences encouraged her to pursue a degree in computer science at the University of Washington, and helped her secure internships at Intel and Google.

  • Zaq — CodeDay helped Zaq go from high school dropout to full-time software engineer.

  • Fisher — By organizing CodeDay Chicago multiple times, Fisher has built a strong community of young coders in Chicago.

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    Your support allows more students attend CodeDay with more scholarships and increased capacity.

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    Contributions help bring events to new cities, helping reach students without access to tech programs.

  • New Programs

    Help us launch new programs, giving students new ways to learn, and giving beginners additional opportunities to get involved.